1st Symposium – Oceania 2017 – The Theme

1st Symposium of the Academic Journal of Feng Shui – Oceania

Theme: ‘Canopy & Chariot – Chinese Concepts of Heaven and Earth in the Feng Shui Tradition’

Venue: University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Date: Sat 13th & Sun 14th May 2017

The Theme

The proposed theme for the 2017 Symposium is ‘Canopy & Chariot – Chinese Concepts of Heaven and Earth in the Feng Shui Tradition’.  Drawing from the ancient Chinese term 堪輿 Kānyú, approximately translated as ‘Canopy’ and ‘Chariot’ or ‘Chassis’, this embodies the two mains schools of thought in Feng Shui The Form School, dealing primarily with observational analysis of the landscape and physical topography; and the Compass School, chiefly concerned with astronomical and calendrical calculations determined by the magnetic compass.

Speakers will be presenting on a number of related topics which they have personally researched and thereby contributed to the understanding of this ancient art.

The Audience

The broad scope of this symposium should encourage patronage from academics as well as modern practitioners and students of Feng Shui looking to increase their knowledge, introduce architects to applications of Feng Shui, be of interest to professionals and enthusiasts of Chinese language or culture and also aid those trained in Chinese Medicine to become better acquainted with a traditionally allied modality.

Attachment : 1st Symposium AJOFS Oceania 2017

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