1st Symposium

1st Symposium of the Academic Journal of Feng Shui – Oceania 2017

Theme: ‘Canopy & Chariot – Chinese Concepts of Heaven and Earth in the Feng Shui Tradition’

Date: Sat 13th & Sun 14th May 2017

Venue: University of Technology, Sydney, Australia


The Symposium

In 2017 the AJOFS will host its 1st Symposium in Sydney, Australia.  Speakers will include a range of professional academics from various Feng Shui related fields including Architecture, Geology, Sinology, the Environment, Chinese Medicine and philosophy.

The Theme

The theme for the 2017 Symposium is ‘Canopy & Chariot – Chinese Concepts of Heaven and Earth in the Feng Shui Tradition’.  Drawing from the ancient Chinese term 堪輿 Kānyú, approximately translated as ‘Canopy’ and ‘Chariot’ or ‘Chassis’, this embodies the two mains schools of thought in Feng Shui The Form School, dealing primarily with observational analysis of the landscape and physical topography; and the Compass School, chiefly concerned with astronomical and calendrical calculations determined by the magnetic compass.

Speakers will be presenting on a number of related topics which they have personally researched and thereby contributed to the understanding of this ancient art.

The Audience

The broad scope of this symposium should encourage patronage from academics as well as modern practitioners and students of Feng Shui looking to increase their knowledge, introduce architects to applications of Feng Shui, be of interest to professionals and enthusiasts of Chinese language or culture and also aid those trained in Chinese Medicine to become better acquainted with a traditionally allied modality.

Organising Committee

Dr Michael Mak (Chair), Mr Tyler Rowe (Co-Chair)

Dr Michael Paton (Chair of Scientific Committee)

Mr Howard Choy, Prof Wei Dong, Dr Albert So

Email: AJoFengShui@gmail.com


Keynote Speakers

Assoc. Prof. Hong-key Yoon, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Derham Groves, University of Melbourne, Australia

Guest Speakers

Prof. Wei Dong, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Assoc. Prof. Ellen Van Goethem, Kyushu University, Japan

Assist. Prof. Wan Thing Hong, Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia

Dr. Mauro Rahardjo, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia

Dr. Michael Mak, University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr. Michael Paton, University of Sydney, Australia

Dr. Rey Tiquia, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Stephen Skinner, International Feng Shui Association, Singapore

Ms. Ding Yan, PhD Candidate, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Mr. Howard Choy, European College of Feng Shui, Germany

Ms. Hwee Boon Yap, Lineage holder of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai

Ms. Jing Wei, Guest Professor at Jiang Nan Culture Academy, China

Ms. Jodi Brunner, Feng Shui Research Centre, Australia

Mr. Lan Xing, PhD Candidate, Macquarie University, Australia

Mr. Tyler Rowe, Institute of Classical Feng Shui, Australia

Mr. Wing-Fai Wong, PhD Candidate, University of Queensland, Australia


1st Symposium AJoFS – Oceania (Programme & Registration Details)



Symposium: University of Technology, Sydney

9:00am  – 5:00pm Saturday 13th May 2017

9:00am – 1:00pm Sunday 14th May 2017

Tour: Feng Shui Tour of Darling Harbour lead by Howard Choy

2:00pm – 5:00pm Sunday 14th May 2017



Early Bird (before 28th Feb 2017) – AU$210.00

Full Rate (from 1st Mar 2017) – AU$250.00

Registration Link:




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