Proceedings of the Academic Journal of Feng Shui – 1st Symposium – Oceania

University of Technology Sydney, Australia,  13 & 14 May 2017

Edited by Michael Y. Mak  &  Michael J. Paton

Symposium Outline

Symposium Abstracts

Symposium Program

Keynote Speakers:

Groves, Derham (2017) Feng Shui: Intuition, Not Just Superstition. Architecture: Superstition, Not Just Intuition.

Yoon, Hong-Key (2017) A Reflection on the Academic Scope of Research into Chinese Geomancy


Guest Speakers:

Brunner, Jodi (2017) Defusing the North-South Issue

Choy, Howard (2017) The Use and Abuse of Chinese Correlative Thinking in Feng Shui

Ding, Yan (2017) Self-Care Landscapes: Feng Shui Craft and Everyday Practices

Dong, Wei (2017) Integrating Feng Shui Concepts into Painting Creation

Hong, Wan Thing et al. (2017) Are Bedroom Feng Shui Rules Practical from the Architectural Perspective?

Lan, Xing (2017) Traditional Application of the Five Phases in Feng Shui: An Examination of the Golden Mirror to Peaceful Dwellings

Mak, Michael (2017) An Empirical Study of Modern Sustainable Office Buildings in Sydney from the Feng Shui Perspective

Paton, Michael (2017) Dragon(s) of Sydney

Rahardjo, Mauro (2017) Feng Shui as Design Paradigm in Architecture

Rowe, Tyler (2017) Guo Pu’s Antique School of Feng Shui

Skinner, Stephen (2017) The Use of Different Metrics or Feng Shui Formulae for Different Parts of the Built Environment

Tiquia, Rey (2017) Surfing the Oceanic Waves of the Cosmic Breath under the Guidance of the Stems and Branches Calendrical Clock

Wei, Jing (2017) Decoding Ancient Feng Shui Talismans

Wong, Wing-Fai (2017) Five Emperors Coins: The Transformation of Yansheng Objects as Popular Culture in Feng Shui

Yap, Boon (2017) Is Feng Shui a Science?